Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jonathan's 4th Birthday & More

The birthday boy

Jonathan & Daddy

Blowing out the candle. (Rory really wanted to help.)

Jonathan's Optimus Prime cake. I'm so proud of this--I made it myself (with the help of a very dear friend). We stayed up until one o'clock in the morning making this bad boy.

Believe it or not, I have not abandoned my blog! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get a new post on here. The time gets away from me so easily nowadays. My baby boy (well, one of them anyway) turned four this weekend. We had a Transformers themed party, and I made the cake myself. I've never attempted anything like that, but I think I may never buy another cake again. It was time consuming, yes, but it was really a lot of fun and it actually turned out okay! Jake's birthday is coming up in about four months, so I've got to come up with a cake to make for his party now.
John finally passed his CPA exam a couple of weeks ago!!! He is sooo glad to have it behind him at last. We've had a few formalities to go through. He passed his open book exam, and the state board meets tomorrow and will issue John his number. After he sends in another fee, they will send him his license and he will be official! After tax season ends, it's time to party!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for John over these last three and a half years.
I got Jonathan signed up for T-ball. The season begins May 10, and they will play 10 games over like a month or so. The games will be on Mondays and Thursdays at 6PM. Still don't know who he's going to be playing for yet, or even how he's going to handle playing with other kids his age on a team. I'm curious to see how this is going to go.
Jacob continues to grow by leaps and bounds as well. It's so hard to believe he's going to be two in just a few months. Next month we're going to start getting ready to turn his room into a big boy room. That's right--the crib will be replaced with a big boy bed, the changing table and play pen will come out, and the decor will be a little more big boy like. Not long after that comes round two of (*gulp*) potty training.
My brother, Aaron, had back surgery on April 1. This was actually his third surgery. He had his first one when he was 19, and has had trouble off and on ever since. (He has a slipped disk.) In this surgery the doctors completely replaced the disk, and they are hoping that in a few months he will be like a completely new person.
That's pretty much what's been going on with our family over the last month or so. I'll try not to be so long in writing next time. ;) God bless!